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A real allrounder

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RRD Passion

The proven series of the hybrid delta kites. An incredible light wind performance combined with an extremely good depower ability at an optimal turning speed make the kite to a real all-rounder. Passion is very stable in the air, powerful and easy to relaunch. No matter if beginner or expert the kite makes 95% of all kiters happy.

  • Stability
  • Enormous power
  • Easy and progressive depower
  • Medium to light bar holding power
  • Immediate relaunch
  • New SPS system with a newly developed valve
  • LE parallel stitches for maximum power, plain stitched
  • Hot glued Double Tape Liek
  • PVC rounded reinforcement of the ends of the cross-struts
  • Metallic PU reinforced ends of the cross-tubes
  • DP 175 LL Dacron
  • Tejin  T9600 Canopy
  • New formed cross-tube protections
  • New plastic valve protections

Seb Garat:
"I tried Passion the first time during the RRD photo shooting in Egypt. It is a delta shape kite. First I tried the size 13, the biggest Passion kite because the had a very little wind on the first day. Nevertheless, the kite developed an incredible power. The size 13 has as much power as a regular size 15 or 16 kite. I tried the first jump and it was incredibly easy to get into the air. Thanks to this power I even managed some board off's, even under this light wind circumstances (it was probably 12 knots). Passion also has a huge depower: if you push the bar up to the limit you will have no power at all and the best of all is: this depower is really progressiv!!

But the biggest advantage of this kite I discovered when my kite fall into the water during some unhooked tricks: The water relaunch is that simple! You nearly don't have to do anything to relaunch this Passion. Simply pull the back leash and the kite relaunches immediately at the wind site. Perhaps, this kite is not the very best for some handle pass or new school tricks but with the right options even this is possible.

With heavy wind I tried the Passion size 9 as well and this one is also a really outstanding kite. With this kite, I managed some absolutely incredible jumps! And of course in complete control of the power.

Passion is a pure free ride kite. Despite its medium 'Turning Speed' solid kite loops are possible at any time.

Finally, I can say that Passion is an ideal kite for most of the people. It is a very good kite for learning, especially with small sizes. And it is perfect for everybody who really wants to do everything with his kite. It is THE free ride kite!"
  • Kite Passion
  • Global bar with leashes
  • Pump
  • Kite bag

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kite, global bar, bag, pump
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